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About us

S&R Auto provides a wide variety of services to Wendover and beyond. Our services include:

Towing: As both a state impound agency, as well as a private towing company we provide towing, fuel delivery, and minor mechanic work for those that get stuck on the Salt Flats.

Repair: Our staff will do minor and major repair at our auto shop located in Wendover. Body repair, painting, windshield replacements, mechanical diagnosis and parts replacement.

Rentals: As of writing this, we are the only car rental company in Wendover. Due to our location, there are no one way rentals, so if you pick it up here, it has to be dropped back off here! Our vehicles can accomodate anywhere from four people to eight people depending on which vehicle best suits you.

Sales: We sell a variety of cars both newer models and older. To see what's available on our lot today, give us a call!

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